My Heart goes out to all in Newtown, Connecticut – Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

Many unopened presents, empty seats at Christmas dinner and parents living lives knowing that there is a part of them missing, forever.  Many broken hearts beyond the 26 families in Newtown, Connecticut scarred forever by unthinkable tragedy. The horror of this day is unbearable. No words can console the parents of the children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  My heart goes out to all the parents who can never sing “Happy Birthday” to the the children ever again and everyone else affected so deeply by the tragedy.
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Last minute Kids Activities for Thanksgiving

Thanks taking wouldn’t have been much of a holiday, would it? On the other hand, giving thanks can be celebrated in many ways without any religious or national boundaries.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that we are thankful for, for gathering family, friends and near ones. The holiday evokes images of reunions, large turkey feast with stuffing, pie, football, parades and busy travel plans. Last but not least, the long lines of “Black Friday” shopping.

Thanksgiving, today, is predominantly celebrated as a secular holiday in the United States and Canada. This tradition of being thankful began as a celebration for the harvest of the year. Many other countries around the world have harvest festivals and festivals known as Thanksgiving though traditions and origins are different.


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Do you sign?

Have you ever wondered what that short, bald, nonsense babbling person, who fascinates your world, is trying to tell you?  Don’t you just wish you could understand what your infant needs and wishes for?  Call it motherly love or whatever; I felt R is trying to communicate either by gazing into my eyes or giving me a smile since she was few weeks old. I realized my infant had a desire to communicate her needs and wishes but, naturally, lacked the cognitive ability of speech during the first year.

I was very intrigued by the possibility of baby sign language and thrilled that American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) also approves this communication channel.  I thought; why not try giving R a tool she can use to communicate; if it works, great! If not, there’s no harm.  According to AAP, baby sign language has been picking up momentum for the past 20 years and becoming mainstay of mainstream parenting. I can totally relate why significant handful of proactive parents and child care providers are using it. Learn more why experts agree sign language is beneficial.

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New Found Obsession of Most New Parents

If you are grossed out just reading the word “bowel movements” aka “stool”, stop reading. I am giving fair warning! Don’t read further because you guessed it right.  I am talking about obsession over “poop” of most first time parents. I am not sure if the obsession remains the same or how long the obsession remains as we are first time parents and still fairly new, only thirteen months into a lifetime commitment.

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Never Forget

I can never forget the morning of 9/11 even if I wanted to. Eleven years have passed but I can clearly remember the agony and despair. I clearly remember it was a bright and sunny morning.  I was driving to work listening to the radio when the first plane hit. The radio anchors had TV on but I suppose had the sound muted so they initially thought it was an accident. Before anyone could figure out what happened the second plane smashed sending a chilling sensation of realization that it was not an accident but attack.  Then the third and the fourth crashed. For most, 9/11 left behind a permanent scar.

Do you remember where you were when the attack took place and how has it changed you?

Happy Labor Day and breaking the white rule

Time with family, outdoor grilling, picnic, road trips, and sports events defines the Labor Day weekend. The weekend kind of marks the end of summer though it is still 100 degree Fahrenheit where we live. We are passing a much needed relaxing long weekend and getting some much needed uninterrupted family time.

Bangladesh is one of the 80+ countries where International Worker’s Day a.k.a Labour day or May Day is celebrated on May 1. When I moved to USA, I was a bit surprised to learn Labor Day holiday being observed in day holiday in September. Whenever the day maybe, this is a holiday celebrated all over the world to commemorate the labor union movement which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

I’ve also heard that it is a no-no to wear white after Labor Day especially by etiquette hard-liners’. I don’t know when the rule expires?  In December? In spring? I don’t know much about the reason behind this rule.  Whatever its origin, I think more people than ever are breaking this rule. It is still 100 degrees Fahrenheit where I live and will be for few more weeks. So, I am not throwing my whites and will still be wearing them. Do you abide by this “no white after labor day” rule?


I traveled alone as a young girl to learn, study, and understand the diverse, multicultural society of the United States. Once I was out of college, I wasn’t afraid to enter the corporate world or trot the globe as a consultant and managed some pretty complex global project. So when we were expecting our baby girl, I thought I got this. Huh!! Little did I know. I constantly question myself, feel disorganized and fear whether I will be able to raise a happy, healthy and hopeful child or teach my daughter about family values, loyalty, love, and strength above all to help her become a compassionate and successful human being.

I am by no means an expert or an amazing mom but I want to learn. In my opinion, success rests upon the ability to push oneself to her highest level, and I am trying my best to be a better mom all at the same time not forgetting my other roles – a wife, a daughter, a sister, a career women and a God-loving human being. I have decided to delve into the cyber world documenting what I love about family and life and hoping to connect with others through our stories and passion in this journey as I know there’s gotta be few others with similar aspire and hopes.