A lesson in physics and chemistry

Delicate, classy, airy. Those are the words come to my mind when I think of soufflé.  Every time, I hear the word “soufflé”, I feel I am floating in light air. However, as much as I enjoy this classic treat, be it savory or sweet, the thought of making one always intimidated me. I was terrified due to its “complex and easy to ruin”, “hardest thing in the culinary world” reputation. In reality, they were pretty easy to make.

Spinach Souffle 4

Simple physics behind the puffiness. Bubbles of hot air get trapped in soufflés’ delicate structure. The bubbles deflate when cooled because the hot air contracts once out of the oven. The fluffiness of soufflé’s will go down within 5-10 minutes out of the oven, so you are better off serving them on the table right from the oven. Know the reason now why it takes forever for your soufflé to arrive at the table when you order one. You got that right, the chef prepares a soufflé after you order.

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