Happy Labor Day and breaking the white rule

Time with family, outdoor grilling, picnic, road trips, and sports events defines the Labor Day weekend. The weekend kind of marks the end of summer though it is still 100 degree Fahrenheit where we live. We are passing a much needed relaxing long weekend and getting some much needed uninterrupted family time.

Bangladesh is one of the 80+ countries where International Worker’s Day a.k.a Labour day or May Day is celebrated on May 1. When I moved to USA, I was a bit surprised to learn Labor Day holiday being observed in day holiday in September. Whenever the day maybe, this is a holiday celebrated all over the world to commemorate the labor union movement which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

I’ve also heard that it is a no-no to wear white after Labor Day especially by etiquette hard-liners’. I don’t know when the rule expires?  In December? In spring? I don’t know much about the reason behind this rule.  Whatever its origin, I think more people than ever are breaking this rule. It is still 100 degrees Fahrenheit where I live and will be for few more weeks. So, I am not throwing my whites and will still be wearing them. Do you abide by this “no white after labor day” rule?