It’s magical to throw few basic ingredients and watch in awe the outcome. To me cooking is an explosion of creativity. Cooking is as close as I can get to express my creative side in everyday life. The ability to improve and find an easier way to an old recipe, or experimenting with different ethnic recipes yet adding a desi spin to it, excites me. I prefer to keep recipes simple, healthy, yet delicious to eat and enjoy with others. The Eat section is a pool of recipes I have mastered over the years.

I would like my daughter to enjoy not just Bangladeshi or South Asian cuisine but appreciate other ethnic culinary as well. The “Baby Friendly” section features recipes I have been preparing and feeding my one year old since she started solids.

“Semi-homemade” highlights recipes with laborious steps which have been modified to prepare in somewhat straightforward steps, by using pre-made ingredients, without giving up taste or flavor.  I mostly use freshly ground or blended spices and do not like the store bought prepackaged blended spices.  Recipes in this category still uses  my homemade spice mixes.

All other recipes belong to the “From Scratch” section.

All categories contain recipe ideas from different parts of the world. Some are as is, and rest by adding some spicy flare, the way desis’ like it. Browse through the collection of these recipes, whip up some and let me know how it turned out for you.

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