Black & White Wednesday – October 31, 2012 – Gallery

It’s another Black & White Wednesday and this week the gallery is showcased at With A Spin.  A big thank you to all the contributors who brightened my week by contributing their images to week #56.A special thank you to Cinzia of “Cindystar” for giving me the privilege to host week #56.


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Black & White Wednesday – October 31, 2012

If you don’t know, Black and White Wednesday is a weekly culinary photo event featuring food-related B&W imagery.  I am an infant in the blogsphere and was thrilled when Cinzia at “Cindystar” confirmed me as the host for week 56 of “Black & White Wednesday”.  The gallery will be up next week on October 31st.

Find out more about the rules and deadline.  I hope you’ll participate.

I will reveal my contribution with the gallery.  Stay tuned.

Presto Pasta Nights Roundup

I love pasta. It is comfort food for me. As I mentioned last week, Presto Pasta Night is a weekly event where food bloggers’ photograph and write about their latest pasta creation. If it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner; served hot or cold; spicy or sweet; from appetizers to mains to desserts, the roundup is published every Friday with links and photos to all the posts.

This week, I am hosting the Presto Pasta Night Roundups. Enjoy, share and have a fabulous Friday!

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Ravioli Night

I promised in my beet pancake post that I will be sharing more beet recipes. Here you go.

Though I made this for my baby girl and filing under “Baby Friendly” this is a delicious recipe and great for adult taste buds too. You may have to adjust the seasoning a bit if you are preparing this for the whole family.

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Black & White Wednesday – October 24, 2012

With A Spin BWW55-1

For those who are new, thank you for stopping by With A Spin. 

Black and White Wednesday is a weekly culinary photo event featuring food-related B&W imagery. Cinzia at “Cindystar” administers the event so graciously and “Black & White Wednesday” week #55 is  hosted by Simona of “Briciole”.

These photographs are my contribution to the week #55 gallery, scheduled for publication, Wednesday, October 24. These photos are a sneak peak of what’s coming next in the “Baby Friendly” recipe category.  Be sure to stop by to check out the details later in the week.

With A Spin BWW55-2

Black & White Wednesday – October 17, 2012

After being late to the submission for week #53, I have decided to submit to the event without waiting till the last moment. 

Cinzia at “Cindystar” administers the event so graciously and “Black & White Wednesday” week #54 is  hosted by Lynne at “Cafe Lynnylu”.

These photographs are my contribution to the gallery, scheduled for publication tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17. Check out the detail of what these are made of and the recipe.



A Treat for Eid

Pumpkin Halva

October not only marks the beginning of autumn it also marks the beginning of the holiday season, starting with Eid ul Adha, and then Diwali, Thanksgiving and so on.

Eid is one of my most favorite holidays and I still get excited about the festivities like a small girl. For me applying henna/mehendi is also an integral part of the festivities. Though I never cooked pumpkin halva for Eid before, the orange pumpkin color with the dark green background resembles the color of henna, and I love it. Hope you do too.

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A Treat

Banana pancake 5

Everyone deserves a treat once in a while. We, 99% of the time, do not give anything sugary to our one year old daughter, yet, for obvious reasons. She gets all her sugar from fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients used to make her meals. We haven’t decided when we are going to start adding sugar to her food. I suppose, as she becomes more and more interested with table food, it will eventually happen. Until then, no sugar for her.

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