Chicken Dopeyaja – Always a winner

Chicken dopeyaja-1

Lip smacking chicken curry is prepared with lots and lots of onions.  Enjoy flavorful, creamy, luscious chicken dopeyaja with tortilla, naan or rice.  Always a winner!

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Game day food – Nutty chicken shells

Game Day nutty salad-6

It’s the football season.  Though I do not watch football, I like to binge and binging is a big part of booing or cheering a team.  However, does fan-friendly, sports watching food have to be unhealthy all the time? Well, they have to be bite size, crowd pleasing, quick and easy but unhealthy? Not so much.

Here’s a great healthier, bite size option for cheering fans that takes only minutes to put together.  Whether your team wins or loses, be advised, friends can go nuts over these appetizers.  These nutty, spicy, tangy chicken shells are also great appetizer option for an elegant dinner parties, showers and brunches.

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Sweet, Savory, Yummy

I would have never thought of cooking meat and fruit together although I verily enjoy fruit salsa or fruit chutney as a condiment to meat dishes. Then, there came the baby and the time to introduce her to solid proteins. Her pediatrician recommended mixing fruit puree to meats when we first introduce chicken or beef to our then 7 month old baby girl.

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