Bidding Good Bye to Summer with a Colorful Salad

Colorful Salad 2

Fall is in the air. We entered the autumn equinox last week and I am thrilled. Usually, in Dallas, the scorching summer weather lasts till end of October but mother nature appears to be kind this year. We  already had few fall like days.

Before getting started with the warm spices and cozy fall flavors, I wanted to bid good bye to summer with a vibrant, fresh, colorful salad.

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Baby’s first fish cake

Fish is a good source of Omega 3. Fish is healthy and nutritious.  White fishes such as Haddock or Cod is mild and has less “fishy” smell and are great choices for little ones. I used cod but I suppose other fishes can also be substituted for this cake.

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Beef Patty for babies

Pincer grasp is an exciting fine motor development for babies. This important skill is the first step to self-feeding, reading, drawing, writing and caring for themselves. Though babies start developing this skill by 3 months, it may take at least a year for a baby to pick up small objects between thumb and forefinger. Between 8 to 12 months babies fine tune the grasping reflex. One of the great way to encourage and fine tune this skill is by offering small finger food to baby.

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Black & White Wednesday – September 26, 2012

Black and White Wednesday, is a culinary photo event created by Susan at “The Well-Seasoned Cook“.  The weekly event features food-related B&W imagery. These pictures were submitted to “Black & White Wednesday. This week’s host is Cinzia at “Cindystar”.

With A Spin - BWW 51


With A Spin - BWW 51

No Reflection

Day Out Admiring Incredible Chihuly Glass Art

Chihuly is an internationally renowned contemporary glass artist and his sculptures reflect his love of nature. His incredible art work is included in more than 200 museum collections worldwide.  I first saw glass art at the Museum of Glass in Seattle few years ago. I have been fascinated with glass art ever since.

“Glass is the most magical of all materials.” – Dale Chihuly

We frequent the Dallas Arboretum and been waiting, for the hot weather to cool down, to visit the most exciting and anticipated exhibition in the garden of artist Dale Chihuly’s dramatic glass sculptures.

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Happy Peace Day with Kunafeh and John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…
– John Lenon

Do you know September 21, is observed as The International Day of Peace, a.k.a. “Peace Day”.  It is not a public holiday but is observed globally. The United Nation established this day to coincide the opening of the general assembly in 1981. The first Peace Day was celebrated in 1982. Until 2002, Peace day was observed on the third Tuesday of September. In 2002, September 21 became the permanent date for the International Day of Peace. Nations around the world are invited to observe this day of global ceasefire and non-violence – personal and political.


Anyone anywhere can celebrate this Day. Though various events and organized events take place on this day, it can also be observed as simply as with a toast for peace, lighting a candle, silent meditation, or just a picnic for peace. The impact of everyone, everywhere in the world coming together for peace is enormous. Let’s take this opportunity to attempt to make peace in our personal life and in our relationships, and in the conflicts we see around us. Can you imagine what a whole day would mean without anger, hostility and ceasefire.

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New Found Obsession of Most New Parents

If you are grossed out just reading the word “bowel movements” aka “stool”, stop reading. I am giving fair warning! Don’t read further because you guessed it right.  I am talking about obsession over “poop” of most first time parents. I am not sure if the obsession remains the same or how long the obsession remains as we are first time parents and still fairly new, only thirteen months into a lifetime commitment.

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Reviving a forgotten past

We were at my mom’s few weeks ago and she prepared lentil with green mango. Juicy, tangy, spicy and full of flavors. It’s been forever since I had green mango with lentil.  Must be fourteen years or more and I had almost forgotten about this soup.  I love mango and I used to love lentil with green mango growing up.  Don’t know why I never picked up any green mangoes from the grocery isle until she revived my memories. Ever since we returned, I have prepared this dish twice already in the last few weeks which is a lot considering we eat the traditional rice, dal(lentil), fish/meat only on weekends. Thank you mom for reminding me of this dal.

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