New Found Obsession of Most New Parents

If you are grossed out just reading the word “bowel movements” aka “stool”, stop reading. I am giving fair warning! Don’t read further because you guessed it right.  I am talking about obsession over “poop” of most first time parents. I am not sure if the obsession remains the same or how long the obsession remains as we are first time parents and still fairly new, only thirteen months into a lifetime commitment.

I have a friend, let’s call her M.  In our past life, before baby was in the horizon, we were having a conversation which, off course, did not have anything to do with babies. She mentioned that one day she was a bit off and wanted to spend some time with few friends to have a good laugh and good time. Little did she know. Her other two friends were moms and the entire time they talked about baby poop. M obviously didn’t understand how someone can spend an entire hour talking about baby poop and obviously didn’t enjoy the time she had hoped for. When M and I was talking about this incident, we had no clue that one day we would be obsessed the same way the other two moms were. That’s what being a mom does to you. Frequency, color, size, texture.  You name it.

Since I work from home, if I am not in a meeting or dead busy with a deliverable, I usually change my daughter’s “poopy” diaper. However, if for some reason the nanny or her dad changes one I am equipped to shower them with my questions.  Was it soft or hard?  Was it yellow, green or black? This is one of those total mom obsessions that you can’t share with anyone but another mom because they’re the only ones who gets it. For those who are not mom/parent yet, don’t be so alarmed as there are plenty of other non poop related obsessions that you thought you would never have comes along with the package 😉

Do you share the same obsession or did you share the same when your kid(s) were little?  How long did this obsession last for you?  I am thinking I have, give and take, another year maybe before this phase out.


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