Happy New Year


I would like to thank you for visiting With A Spin. Also, Thank you for your feedback and interest over the past few months. I greatly appreciate your opinion, and value your encouragement. Although I am a new blogger, I hope, I have been able to offer something useful to you. May the new year be magical.

Be loving, caring, and thoughtful. Life is short. Be so busy loving your life and those around that there is no time for hate, regret or fear. 

Happy New Year!!


Paya – Beef leg soup and a moment of silence

It is hard to fathom the Sandy Hook tragedy as a parent.  Governor Dan Malloy of Connecticut has asked for a national moment of silence this Friday, December 21, 2012, exactly one week after the shootings at the Sandy Hook school. Church bells throughout Connecticut will ring 26 times at 9:30 a.m. EST in honor of the victims.  In times of tragedy, we all want to do something.  If you can, please observe a moment of silence tomorrow or honor the victims in your own way.

To those of you who celebrate Christmas, I wish you happy holidays! For others this time of the year is still special with the holidays away from school and work. This is a time we have a lot of family time. Many friends and family get togethers.

Paya 1

Paya is Bangladeshi soup prepared from beef or goat legs. Cooking the legs slowly turns the meat into a delicious dish. The taste of this soup is divine and the meat, marrow and fat from the legs melt in your mouth. I love the soup as is or with paratha. You can serve with naan or any other bread as well.


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My Heart goes out to all in Newtown, Connecticut – Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

Many unopened presents, empty seats at Christmas dinner and parents living lives knowing that there is a part of them missing, forever.  Many broken hearts beyond the 26 families in Newtown, Connecticut scarred forever by unthinkable tragedy. The horror of this day is unbearable. No words can console the parents of the children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  My heart goes out to all the parents who can never sing “Happy Birthday” to the the children ever again and everyone else affected so deeply by the tragedy.
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Zesty, sweet, sour, spicy! Simple yet delicious. Chutney, with its variety of flavors and styles, is a pleasant addition to any meal. It is a dish that you can play around with flavors and textures and is extremely easy to make at home. Personal preference usually dictates the taste and texture of chutney. It can range from jam like sticky substance to smooth or chunky consistency. A small amount of chutney goes a long way because of the concentrated flavor that adds a burst of excitement to any dish be it a curry or grilled meat, fish or vegetable.

Radish Chutney 1

The radish chutney is tongue tickling spicy, sweet and sour with a hint of sweetness. Panch foron, tamarind, vinegar, dry roasted cumin and coriander give radish chutney a piquant and tangy flavor. You can taste a contrast of flavor due to the sour taste of vinegar and tamarind and sweetness of sugar.
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