Day Out Admiring Incredible Chihuly Glass Art

Chihuly is an internationally renowned contemporary glass artist and his sculptures reflect his love of nature. His incredible art work is included in more than 200 museum collections worldwide.  I first saw glass art at the Museum of Glass in Seattle few years ago. I have been fascinated with glass art ever since.

“Glass is the most magical of all materials.” – Dale Chihuly

We frequent the Dallas Arboretum and been waiting, for the hot weather to cool down, to visit the most exciting and anticipated exhibition in the garden of artist Dale Chihuly’s dramatic glass sculptures.

Finally, we were able to go last weekend. We packed lunch and had a great time, especially the little one. The sky was overcast and the light wasn’t the best for outdoor pictures, but sharing anyway.  Few photos are taken by my husband, Ali Mohasin, because my daughter was craving cent percent of mom’s attention.

Don’t you just love those water lilies? Those lilies are real, by the way 🙂

Finally, clear sky for two minutes.

AND then, no more clear sky…. 😦

We plan on going back at night in the next few weeks to see the incredible sculptures illuminated magnificently in the dark. Are you a fan of glass art? Have you visited any Chihuly exhibition in your area?


4 thoughts on “Day Out Admiring Incredible Chihuly Glass Art

  1. Mash’Allah! I am so jealous! I love his art! Did you buy a sample? If so, pick me up something. I dream of owning something of his one day.

  2. I’ve been going down to the Arboretum all year – can’t get enough of the Chihuly glass. Now I want to get down there to see the fall pumpkins. Great shots.

    Thanks for sharing.

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