Last minute Kids Activities for Thanksgiving

Thanks taking wouldn’t have been much of a holiday, would it? On the other hand, giving thanks can be celebrated in many ways without any religious or national boundaries.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that we are thankful for, for gathering family, friends and near ones. The holiday evokes images of reunions, large turkey feast with stuffing, pie, football, parades and busy travel plans. Last but not least, the long lines of “Black Friday” shopping.

Thanksgiving, today, is predominantly celebrated as a secular holiday in the United States and Canada. This tradition of being thankful began as a celebration for the harvest of the year. Many other countries around the world have harvest festivals and festivals known as Thanksgiving though traditions and origins are different.


The origin of modern US Thanksgiving celebration traces back to 1621, which was celebrated at the Plymouth Plantation, by the passengers of Mayflower, known as Pilgrims, after their first good harvest in the New World. The celebration feast lasted for three days. Fifty-three Pilgrims and ninety Native Americans attended the celebration.

Whether you are hosting a feast for family and friends or cooking for a Thanksgiving potluck, traveling or staying home, these last minutes kids activities will keep the children busy on the road or at home, before or after the feast.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Click on each of the links to download a PDF version and printout for coloring.

Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble Turkey                                          More Turkey

Simple Cornucopia                                                                          Modern Cornucopia

Classic Cornucopia                                                                          Squash and Corn

Corn and Pumpkin                                                                          Pie

Pilgrim’s Hat                                                                                    Giving Thanks

For a JPG version, click on the images below.

There is no need to limit your kids only to coloring these pages, but encourage them to decorate using different items such as glitters, construction paper, color paper, etc.

Thanksgiving Word Games

Thanksgiving Wordsearch – Let your child find a list of Thanksgiving related words and teach the stories and histories behind them, in your own words, as they try to find the words backward or forward, upward or downward or diagonally.

Thanksgiving Wordsearch Key – Answer for you to the Wordsearch to help your kid, if needed.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble – Let your child unscramble the scrambled Thanksgiving related words and teach the stories and histories behind them, in your very own way as they try to solve the word puzzles.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble Key – Unscrambled words, so you can help your kid, if needed.

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, I hope you will make it a point to enjoy the moments with those who matter most to you.


One thought on “Last minute Kids Activities for Thanksgiving

  1. Lail, you are so thoughtful! I hadn’t encountered any site that offers kids activities on food blogs and how nice of you to offer some ideas! Sometimes meals can last quite long time with chatters and it’s nice for kids to focus on some coloring. 🙂

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