I traveled alone as a young girl to learn, study, and understand the diverse, multicultural society of the United States. Once I was out of college, I wasn’t afraid to enter the corporate world or trot the globe as a consultant and managed some pretty complex global project. So when we were expecting our baby girl, I thought I got this. Huh!! Little did I know. I constantly question myself, feel disorganized and fear whether I will be able to raise a happy, healthy and hopeful child or teach my daughter about family values, loyalty, love, and strength above all to help her become a compassionate and successful human being.

I am by no means an expert or an amazing mom but I want to learn and may become one someday, be it 40 years from now. In my opinion, success rests upon the ability to push oneself to her highest level, and I am trying my best to be a better mom all at the same time not forgetting my other roles – a wife, a daughter, a sister, a career women and a God-loving human being. I have decided to delve into the cyber world documenting what I love about family and life and hoping to connect with others through our stories and passion in this journey as I know there’s gotta be few others with similar aspire and hopes.


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