Black & White Wednesday – October 24, 2012

With A Spin BWW55-1

For those who are new, thank you for stopping by With A Spin. 

Black and White Wednesday is a weekly culinary photo event featuring food-related B&W imagery. Cinzia at “Cindystar” administers the event so graciously and “Black & White Wednesday” week #55 is  hosted by Simona of “Briciole”.

These photographs are my contribution to the week #55 gallery, scheduled for publication, Wednesday, October 24. These photos are a sneak peak of what’s coming next in the “Baby Friendly” recipe category.  Be sure to stop by to check out the details later in the week.

With A Spin BWW55-2


2 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday – October 24, 2012

  1. You definitely got me curious: the dark flowers look quite nice and do I see cheese? That always gets my attention. Thank you so much for contributing to BWW!

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