Tale Of An Ugly Beet

I saw an ugly beetroot and couldn’t resist the urge to transform it to something beautiful. That’s where the journey began!  I brought the ugly beet home and butchered it.  Inside, it wasn’t as ugly as from the outside.  The vibrant magenta-red actually looked pretty good.

With the red velvet craze that’s going on these days, I have been thinking of baking one for a while but with a natural dye and minus the cocoa factor (hubby and I are not big fan of chocolate, can you believe that?). I am not too enthusiast about using spoons full of potentially dangerous food color for the sake of having a red cake. Though I didn’t think I was going to turn the ugly beet to a cake like item, it surely opened up the door to give the red cake try. Instead of baking a cake, I opted for cupcakes.

Ugly beet 4

This blog has a new home now! You can still find the recipe here


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